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Welcome to English1on1. Our goal is to help you improve your English listening and speaking skills by providing live one-on-one conversations with native English-speaking tutors.

Most language learners find that speaking to real people is the most difficult thing about learning a language, but speaking with real people in English is essential if you are to improve this skill. Materials to teach English — such as textbooks, websites, and videos — are everywhere, but provide little or no practice in actual conversation. English1on1 was created to give students exactly what they need to improve their skills as English speakers – the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a personal native English-speaking tutor.

English1on1 provides students with opportunities to speak with native English-speaking tutors in an engaging, constructive, and fun series of sessions covering a range of practical topics. Students practice listening and speaking in unscripted authentic conversations with a variety of English tutors. This gives students a way to put their language learning to practical use in a low-stress, fun, and constructive setting. 

Our program provides the necessary support to ensure that students succeed in their conversations with native English speakers. Through the use of model conversations, questions that help facilitate interaction, and intercultural information that makes the conversations more meaningful, we ensure that our students’ future interactions with native speakers will be more successful.

English1on1 records every session between our tutors and students so that students can listen to their own sessions anytime afterward to review what they have learned.  Listening to personalized recordings will allow students to hear what mistakes they make and correct them.

Advantages to Using English1on1

  • Improved Listening Skills: Student and tutor conversations do not take place in person. This pushes students to improve their listening skills because they cannot rely on gestures and facial expressions either to guess or to convey meaning.  
  • Convenience: Students attend the tutoring sessions in their own homes or offices. With English1on1, no time is wasted in traveling to class. Also, students schedule their own tutoring sessions at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Comfort: With no face-to-face interaction, students have less reason to be nervous, stressed, or shy. Our friendly tutors bring a new level of comfort to the language-learning experience.
  • Quality: All English1on1 tutors are native English speakers trained in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Students get the best tutors and learning materials to help them improve their English.
  • Individual Attention: Because every session consists of just one student and one tutor, English1on1 ensures that every student is speaking with a native English speaker for every minute of every session. 
  • Personal Recordings:  English1on1 records every session between our tutors and students so that students can listen to their own sessions anytime afterward to review what they have learned.
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